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Life Projects

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Prioritise, organise and crush your life goals

Life is amazing and there’s so much to do!

We all have hopes, dreams, and aspirations in life, such as:

💸 Reach a financial goal

🏠 Pay off the house

🏪 Help a friend starting a new business

🎹 Learn a new skill

🎓 Achieve a qualification

But we’re all human!

We often think and talk about what we want, but struggle to focus and act. That could be because you feel:

🌧️ Overwhelmed doing too many things

🧭 Lost or directionless

⚓ A lack of progress in life

This is if for you if you want to...

🚦 Prioritise your life projects that really matter

🚫 Minimise distractions on other errands and projects

🗻 Keep yourself motivated to accomplish milestones

💪 Feel more empowered to manage your life

How it works

Life Projects is a simple tool, based in Notion, to help you prioritise, organise and focus on all your major life projects that matter to you most.

1️⃣ New Projects: Add all the possible personal projects in the Bucket List that you’d like to pursue to achieve your goals

2️⃣ Prioritise: Organise your Bucket List in a rough priority order (from most important to least important)

3️⃣ Progress: Grab the first few projects that you want to focus on (or are already in-flight) and move them across to 🔥Active or ❄️Passive. Importantly, limit the number of in-flight projects to give you space to focus. (You’ll find more details on how this works in the template guide.)

4️⃣ Track & Review: Periodically track how each of your projects are going, and occasionally re-evaluate all your projects.

Over time, Life Projects gives you a retrospective view of all you’ve accomplished. A historic record of your life’s achievements. Give yourself a pat on the back – you’re awesome!

What do I get?

The Life Projects is a Notion template that you gain access to for your own personal use in Notion.

A detailed guide is also included.


No subscription. Pay one tiny price, use forever.


If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, drop me a note at danielblng@gmail.com!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Notion?

Notion is a free-to-use digital workspace where you can write, organise and plan. Life Projects is a template built inside Notion that you can copy into your own personal space. It’s easy to use and set up, even without prior knowledge.

What exactly is a “life project”?

Simply, a life project is any initiative that you want to pursue that achieves something you want. Meaningful life projects could be paying off your house, learning a new skill, renovating your dream kitchen, or helping a friend out with starting their new business. Anything that’s important to you.

In terms of timeframe, a life project should be significant. A project that you believe would take over a month, but not gargantuan enough to take several years. In other words, between 1 – 12 months, roughly.

Well, what about those gargantuan life projects that take several years?

Break them down into smaller projects! Ideally, projects should feel achievable. To help even further, Life Projects supports breakdown of projects into progressive Milestones (these are like subtasks in Notion).

Do I need to breakdown all my projects into Milestones?

Not really – it’s up to you. Breaking down projects into Milestones almost always helps you tackle your projects as bite-sized chunks, but it’s not mandatory. The main intent of the Life Projects template is to allow you to focus on a capped number of projects so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Is Life Projects a template for goal-setting?

No. Life Projects definitely supports achieving your goals, but it’s not intended to help you set goals. Life Projects helps you bridge the gap between setting goals and actually achieving them.

Is Life Projects a template for habit-building?

No. Building habits is a great way to achieve some types of life projects, but the Life Projects template isn’t intended to help you build and track habits at that granular level.

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