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Save $1000’s by making smarter purchasing decisions

We've all been there - we've bought that shiny expensive thing, only to regret later.

Then it sits there, collects dust (or debt!) and takes up space. At which point, you may even go to the trouble of selling it on the second-hand market.

If only we made a smarter decision upfront to buy/not buy the thing! It's now time to self-consciously control your spending habits.

This quick little Notion checklist will help with that.

This is if for you if you're always...

🤡 Making purchasing decisions that you regret later

📦 Buying and collecting too much stuff that you're running out of room to store them

🛍️ Selling lots of your old stuff you don't want anymore

Particularly useful for stuff like:

🧥 Clothing

👠 Shoes

👜 Bags

🕶️ Accessories & ⌚ Watches

🛋️ Furniture

🧸 Collectables

How it works

Each time you want to purchase an expensive but non-essential item, take a moment to use this checklist in 2 quick steps.

1️⃣ Add the item to the checklist and assess it based on 5 predefined criteria

2️⃣ Based on an automatically-generated recommendation, make a decision to buy it, drop it or watch it for price drops or sales

The kanban board view also allows you to see how much $$$'s you've potentially saved by dropping items from your list!

What do I get?

The Purchasing Decision Checklist is a Notion template that you gain access to for your own personal use in Notion.

A detailed guide is also included.


No subscription. Pay one tiny price, use forever.


If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, drop me a note at danielblng@gmail.com!

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Purchasing Decision Checklist for Notion

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